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Himalyan Salt Lamps

How it works:
The air that we breathe consists of molecular structures, which are charged by either positive, negative, or neutral particles called ions.  The quality of air that we breathe can affect our overall well being.

        The environment we live in today is filled with sources of positive ions.  These are found in any discharge of voltage in high voltage networks, TV’s, heating and cooling systems, computers, radios, toxic exhausts, and cellular telephones.  An over abundance of positive ions can lead to a deterioration of our physical and emotional health.  In places with high densities of negative ions ~ these negative ions can reverse the positive charge to a negative charge by magnetic attraction that causes contaminants and allergens to bond together.  They are then too heavy to remain in the air and fall to the floor, prohibiting entry into our respiratory system.  Although it is not a medical device, a salt lamp can significantly reduce air pollution and May provide relief from:
Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Attitude Problems, Blood Pressure,  Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Hypertension, Sinusitis, Migraine Headaches, Sleep problems, Snoring, Learning issues, Pet Odor, Respiratory Problems, Stress, Rheumatism, Vision Problems, etc.

Negative ions are the key to clean air.  This is why we feel so invigorated at the ocean or in the mountains ~ places where negative ions are very high.  Negative Ions are created by nature through sunlight, rain, waterfalls, etc.  The impact of negative ions is powerful and has been found in studies to have positive influences in improved learning, improved well being, and enhanced human performance on mental tasks.  Crystal Rock Salt is a natural ionizer.  Rock Salt crystals and lamps effectively improve the quality of air by producing negative ions.

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